Checker's Twist Contest (Sold Out)
Originally Released 03/14/2008
25 CD's Pressed

01. The Heart Eaters-Attack
02. The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre-Lark The Modfather
03. The Dial Tones-I Wanna Date Your Daughter
04. The Pin-Ups-White Lines
05. Elle & The Fonts-Holly Noel
06. Roll The Dice-Blue Suede Shoes
07. Fiberglass-Billy Went To War
08. The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre-Destination Street (Disco Version)
09. Elle & The Fonts-Contextual Sexual
10. Roll The Dice-Do That Zombie Voodoo Dance
11. The Dial Tones-Lost Love
12. Fiberglass-Defrost Me
13. The Pin-Ups-Girl Of The Night

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